We provide workers
who are vetted, screened
and professional at short notice.
Our flexible employee services are aimed at improving clients’
human resources flexibility, productivity, and efficiency.
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We match your needs to a best fit workforce

We do the pre-screening, vetting, and interviews on your behalf. We’ll fulfill at least 3 suitable candidates for each role. Please contact us to get more details and the terms of engagement.

We deliver the requisite personnel

We’ll make sure to deliver the best-fit personnel within the agreed-upon timeline. We always ensure that the process is fast and seamless so you don’t have to worry about lengthy turnaround times.

Worker Recruitment
Employee Recruitment

Employee Recruitment entails advertising, screening, conducting interviews, selecting, negotiations and onboarding on behalf of our clients.

Worker Outsourcing
Employee Outsourcing

For the Employee Outsourcing service, we hire, contract, and administrate wages, and
employee development for the employee’s lifetime within the organization.

Temporary/Casual Workers

This service is relevant for growth
companies, seasonal jobs, a surge in sales or production, the launch of new products,
casual jobs, or warehouse workforce capabilities. We help you navigate the complexity
of administration, strict budgets, and timelines.

Work Ready Intern/Trainee Recruitment

We deliver graduates with little or no work experience. We impact them through our Centric Project, a work readiness training program that combines learning forums and apprenticeship for the purpose of gaining
practical and marketable skills that will ensure they integrate seamlessly into your organization.

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