Our Services

Outsourced general and semi-skilled workers

We provide warehouse and industrial temporary workers who specialize in picking, packing, loading, unloading, forklift operations, machine minders, assembly workers, production staff, semi-skilled technicians, data input clerks as well as those who have experience in food handling and product quality control.

In-house recruitment services for projects

An in-house service is a unique solution for managing an efficient contingent workforce for which there is a fluctuating level of demand. It is aimed at improving clients’ labour flexibility, productivity and efficiency.

We work on-site exclusively for one client, providing a large number of casual workers and additional services such as soft skills training, shift planning, and management reporting.

Hire an Intern and entry-level graduates

Our intern program prepares entry-level graduates for the professional landscape. We vet, train and get young professionals office-ready. When you have more work than hands to do, our Interns are available for short-term contracts within a professional setting.