Employability Index

The employability Index refers to the quality of being suitable for paid work. A high Employability Index will make a candidate stand out as more suitable to the employers’ requirements, thereby increasing their chances and employment.

The paradox of the Job market is that employment rates remain high, but companies are having trouble finding candidates with the right skill set and personal attributes for these positions.

It is achieved through possessing a set of qualifications, skills, understandings, and personal attributes that make a candidate more likely to be suitable to the employers’ requirements, thereby getting employed.

One survey shows that around half of Kenyan employers are dissatisfied with the skills level of university leavers joining the job market. This means that only a fraction of the thousands of graduates being churned out from tertiary institutions will be absorbed into

What Employers Are Looking For

According to recent research, employers in Kenya consider some work experience as a vital asset for new graduates. Additionally, a combination of certain behavioral and soft skills is requisite in making the cut.

The report notes that among the top five private universities in Kenya, employability varies between 17% -4.9% only. The majority of graduates go on for extended periods of time with no real engagement with an employer. It has been observed that most Tertiary institutions mainly focus on the technical aspects of the course and neglect other crucial social and business skills such as professional communication and critical thinking skills.

You Can Improve Your Employability

Developing your Employability Index includes but is not limited to, participating in extra-curricular and co-curricular activities, and volunteering to gain hands-on experience. It is also developed by outlining, planning, and learning skills that your prospective employer may need. These are skills such as communication, problem-solving, presentation, personal management, time management, setting goals, etc.

There are many other graduates with the same or similar academic qualifications to participate in the job market. Therefore, it’s your employability, your unique mix of skills, abilities, and personal abilities that will make you exceptional in your quest for employment. Invest in yourself and advance your employability.

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