values About Us Our 3 core Values:
1. People
2. Excellence
3. Integrity
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About ArchonPrime Ltd

ArchonPrime Ltd is a company that was founded with a mission to be a platform where people access work and better opportunities by learning and skill development.

A world where people are rightly positioned for meaningful work through innate ability matching and upskilling.

Our mission is to build an ecosystem that empowers the youth to access work opportunities. We provide learning platforms that close the skill gap and churn out a high-quality workforce for employment or entrepreneurial pursuits.

The Problems we solve

1) Bridging the skill gaps- By upskilling, learners have the right
skills and knowledge to meet the job requirements needed in
present-day businesses.
2) Adaptability -We help individuals and organizations adjust to
the demands of their work through upskilling and Flexi staffing
3)Future of work – We work with you to unlock your
employees’ potential. We do this by creating career paths,
assessing and buffering the impact of future skill requirement
and technology in your industry.

Problems we solve


We are in the business of people and care about the role of work in their lives. We seek to develop people’s ability to adapt and grow with the world around them.


We strive to get it right the first time and seek continuous improvement in our service offerings.


We believe in treating people well and with respect. We uphold the rule of law and seek to do what is right for the people, for the organization, and for the circumstances we operate in.


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